ORCASONIX Ltd.,  Established in 2011, based in Netanya, Israel

Company Overview

Orcasonix is developing a new ultrasound imaging system based on O-mode a revolutionary new technology with depth independent resolution up to very great depths and regardless of body habitus. The technology enables extremely low cost hardware implementation with a virtually "unlimited number of channels" at a fraction of a cost-per-channel of current systems and with very efficient signal/image processing which significantly reduces the expenses of computer system.

Orcasonix’s proprietary technology provides a platform on which a whole family of high quality and cost-efficient products can be based. The first of these products has started clinical trials and some others are in early stages of development. The technology is ideally suitable for direct end-user application as well as for OEM implementation by manufacturers of existing products.

Following the completion of the first clinical cases, Orcasonix is in the process of introducing its revolutionary solution to the world of ultrasound imaging.

Orcasonix O-mode  at RSNA2014

Sunday, November 30 | 12:05 p.m.-12:15 p.m. | SSA21-09 | Room S405AB

In this Sunday presentation, Dr. Richard Barr, PhD, will discuss how O-mode ultrasound is a promising technique for reducing artifacts typical with B-mode imaging.

Come and meet Mati Shirizly, CEO of Orcasonix at Cephasonics Booth #8538 in Hall B North Building.

Orcasonix Ltd

4a Hagavish St, Netanya, Israel 

POB 8027, 42101

e-mail: info@orcasonix.com